As a provider of health benefits for one of the largest unions in the state, 32BJ was looking to educate members about the free services and benefits provided by the Union Health Center in NYC and available to those living in the Tri-State area.

Objective/Ask Let union members know about the premium health care available to them at no cost through accessing the Union Health Center’s robust services in their modern medical facility.

Solution/Answer A more user-friendly website Services section that functioned as dedicated landing pages provided information supported by patient and provider-experience videos and targeted email campaigns in both English and Spanish.

Results/Get The Union Health Center serves more members now than ever before, resulting in healthier union employees and a reduction in both the need for treatment of more serious illnesses and the associated healthcare costs through an increase in proactive wellness care

Communicate to your target in the places they are and in ways they can relate to, so your brand message reaches its audience.




Website User Journey & Experience Update

Landing pages were designed to enhance and make easier the patient user journey. This also created a cohesive link between the email marketing campaign and the website.